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Own the Pitch? What the what?

Own the Pitch? What the What?

10/07/2015, 1:45pm CDT
By Jeff Karloff

First and foremost, we would like to thank each and every one of you for choosing Gretna Soccer Club.

We know there are other soccer clubs out there and are grateful that you have selected our club for

your children. It has always been our mission to provide the best quality soccer to all age levels at a fair

price. We have continued to grow and include more great coaches who bring with them a lot of soccer

knowledge and skills. We have also been fortunate enough to have an indoor space where we can train


Four years ago we built the Gretna Indoor Soccer Complex in an effort to secure a quality venue for our

kids to train and play soccer over the winter. As many of you know and some of you probably don’t

know, the Club does NOT own the Complex. We established a 10-year lease with the company that

built the complex for exclusive use of the complex and the 40 acres that it sits on. We feel it is time for

the Club to purchase the complex and the 40 acres. The benefits are:

     1. Secure a long term home for GSC player development

     2. Take advantage of our status as a non-profit organization

     3. Take advantage of low interest rates

     4. The Club is in a strong financial position

     5. Current monthly payment would go toward ownership rather than leasing

To purchase the facility, the Club will need to secure a significant down payment. As a Board, we

discussed options for how the Club could cover the cost of this down payment. In the end, we felt that

it would be best to execute a capital campaign rather than making a one time assessment to the club

membership to help cover a portion of the down payment. The remaining down payment will come

from Club assets. Since the opening of the Complex, the Board has done its best to not allow the

Complex to be a burden on the Club operations. It has always been staffed and run by volunteers to

help keep it affordable for all club members and all competitive levels of soccer.

Click on the link to view the presentation showing more information. OwnThePitchPresentation

To that end we are kicking off the campaign OwnThePitch In

the coming weeks you will be seeing more information about this campaign. It is time to rally the Club!

Bret Bickel

President –

Rain Day Availability

September 24, 2015



Please read the directions below on the format we would like you to use when booking.  If you are a Gretna Soccer team, please enter the team name as the "Name" and team contact in the "Comments" section

Please us this format when making reservations

Book an appointment with Adaptavant at Ascendas using SetMore

Setmore - our online booking site

Visit to book your times.  Times only appear if they are available.  Example - if you are looking for 1.5hr of time, only times with 1.5hrs available will appear.  When booking, either use your club and team name for the "Name" when asked to "Enter Your Information" or add it to the notes. If you need multiple quads, please email your request.  Times can only be booked 1 week in advance.  For requests more than 1 week in advance, please email.  Please make checks payable to the Gretna Sports Complex and leave it in the dropbox next to the coaches office.  PLEASE USE THE FIELD ASSIGNED IN YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL. 


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    Winter Availability


    1/24 - 6pm-9pm (1 quad available)

    1/31 - 6pm-9pm (1 quad available)

    2/7 - 6pm-9pm (1 quad available)

    2/21 - 6pm-9pm (1 quad available)

    2/27 - 7am-8am (4 quads available)

    2/28 - 6pm-9pm (1 quad available)

    3/5 - 7am-8am (4 quads available)

    Evening times Mon-Thurs throughout march


    Individual openings available after 9pm.




    Gretna Sports Complex
    10550 S 222nd St
    Gretna, NE 68028
    402-332-3682 (concession stand phone, concession stand is only staffed on Saturdays and during tournaments)  Email with any questions
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    GO HERE to complete the waiver online!  All participants must complete a waiver before participating in activities during the 2015-16 indoor season at GSC.


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    • Feb
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    Indoor Rental Rates

    Peak Season Rates (Oct-April)
    Quad rental
    - $75/hr for 1/4 field (25x40 yards)
    Full Field Rental - $300/hr for full field (50x80 yards)

    Please email rental inquiries to, discounts are available during the off season months.

    List of Available Times 

    • Many times are available in March, please email your request